Saturday, September 15, 2007

regalo, musica vieja, haciendo rodney yee

A few funny things from today.

I was wrapping a gift for my mom's birthday and Amado walked in the room. We all got in together to buy the gift, and tonight was the unveiling.
"Oooh!" he squeeled, kneeling down carefully beside me and the gift. "Que es, mami?"
"Es un regalo para nana", I told him, evading the question. He is at the age where he will blow the secret right away if he knows what it is.
"Pero que es?"
"Vas a ver, mijo" I said, still trying to avoid.
It was a digital camera. They make digital cameras pretty small these days. The box was the size of a grapefruit.
"Es una guitarra?" he asked, really honestly. He got a guitarra for his birthday.
"No, mijo".
I think he was wishful thinking on that one.

Musica Vieja...
My dad was listening to some boring, long, music when we were in the car tonight.
From the back seat, Amado said "Papa, esa musica es vieja. Por favor, cambiar la musica".

Haciendo Rodney Yee...
Amado does some pretty impressive yoga positions. We have never taught Amado any yoga, he has never seen yoga, but I guess thats kind of the point of yoga - its positions that are natural for your body. So, sometimes, he will break out a downward dog or a childs pose. We call this "haciendo Rodney Yee" so that we can have a laugh at his expense. Its all in good fun.
So today, he was getting ready for bed. He had already read two books, already brushed his teeth, already given my mom and dad a kiss. He asked for a drink of water, took a big swig, and then started haciendo rodney yee in the bed. I know his delaying sleep antics.
"Amado, por favor" I said.
He then opened his mouth and let all the water drip out, pooling in a little lake on the sheet.
I was not amused.
"Amado, por que hiciste eso?" I asked.
"Porque no quiero dormir" he said, all matter of fact,
I thanked him for his honesty and turned out the lights.

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