Monday, October 8, 2007

todavio necesito crecer

Someone dropped a car engine on the side of our house thursday night. Public works was here on Friday to pick it up. They came with a huge back hoe (is that how you spell it?).

This was a big event in our house. Amado loves construction vehicles, and having one 20 feet from his window was like a dream come true. We were all perched in the window, watching this go down, being late for work, sharing in Amado's enthusiasm.

The guy driving the back hoe had to wait for the guy with the pick up truck so he couold dump this huge peice of metal inside of it. While he waited, and we perched, he pulled out his morning snack. It was coffee and a cupcake.

Most of you know the love Amado has of pastelitos and whafe. Right on par with construction vehicles. Top. He couldnt believe his eyes, this kid. Not only did this guy get to drive this machine (Amado calls them all "tractores") but he got to eat a pastelito and drink whafe while doing it!

Later on, Amado told us, "Yo voy a trabajar como el. You voy a trabajar con un tractor, y voy a comer pastelitos y tomar whafe. Pero todavia necesito crecer."


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