Saturday, September 8, 2007


Amado is really working through the fact that he is learning two languages. He is constantly talking about it - "en espanol, dice _", "Asi se dicen en espanol".

What's funny is that, for whatever reason, he thinks that espanol is the other language, the one he doesn't know many words in.
"Aqui estan mi zapatos, mami. En espanol, se dicen 'shoes'" he informs me.
"En espanol, se dicen 'how ya doin'".

The other day, Jason was giving him a bath. Quick aside - since Amado has never seen TV, he doesn't really know about these random characters. The only ones he even recognizes are Dora and Elmo, and he doesn't know that they are anything more than pictures in a book/action figures. Related to this, he has historically mixed the two of them up.

So, the other day, Jason is bathing Amado. Amado has this little Elmo squeezy squirty bath toy that he got for his birthday form my cousin. He was playing with this Elmo toy, and he said, "Mira, papi, es Dora".

Jason gently reminded him, "no, mijo, es Elmo".

To which Amado informed his papi, "Si, es Elmo. En espanol, se llama Dora".

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