Saturday, October 13, 2007


Yesterday, we were in a Friday evening mood, tired from the week, tired from being sick, and nobody wanted to cook. We decided to go get something out.

We were all in the car together, and as Jason started the conversation about where to go, Amado yelled out something from the backseat and then collapsed in a fit of giggles. It all happened so fast neither of us caught it.

"Dime otra vez, mijo" I told him.
He could hardly get it out, because he was laughing so hard.
All that was intelligible was "sopipalos".
"Otra vez?" we asked, laughing also. Not because we actually got it but because Amado was really almost in tears because he was laughing so hard. By that time, we realized it was a joke but hadn't caught it yet.
Giggling the whole time, Amado choked out, "Vamos a un restaraunte que se llama 'Sopipalos' para comer!"
He basically was like, what would be a funny thing to eat. Sopa de palos. What would a restaraunt that sold a sopa de palos be called?
I think he's right.

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