Monday, July 9, 2007

so fresh and so clean

This morning, as I was getting Amado dressed, we were discussing what he wanted to have for breakfast. He decided he wanted cold cereal.

So, the kind of cereal we have right now is that puffed corn one. For some reason, we started calling this cereal "puffy puffy". I know, its a dorky mom move, lets just get on with things.

So, he decided he wanted "puffy puffy con leche" by the time we had his pants on. I stood him up and started to get his shirt on, when he stopped me.

"No, mami...Puffy puffy, leche...tiro mi camisa,,,despues, camisa, mami".

Dude. He was telling me it made more sense to wait until to put his shirt on till after his cereal because he always spills some on his belly when he eats cold cereal. He was right. So wild.

I was in total disbelief that he communicated that so well. This guy is so awesome - it is so so cool to watch him put things together like that and then communicate them! And of course, its Amado so its about cleanliness.

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