Monday, July 2, 2007

sweet dreams

This may only be meaningful to those of you who know Amado, aka those of you who have heard him talk in, what we call, "monster voice". Its a voice he slips into several times an hour, to get a laugh, or just to change things up a bit. He makes his little voice all deep and then says things or sings, especially things that will sound funny in monster voice. One of his favorites is singing the mothers day song they taught him at school in monster voice. "Mamacita buena, Mamacita linda" is the part he knows. How sweet, right? Yeah, now replay it again in monster voice. Nice.

The other night, Amado talked in his sleep, in monster voice. I couldnt believe it. I am fast asleep - its just the two of us in bed together because we are in Chula Vista visiting my mom and dad - and all of a sudden I am woken up by monster voice.

"Mira, mami! Mira, mami!" (in monster voice)

I was like, "no way, is he really screwing around in the middle of the night?!" I whipped around towards him and he was passed out cold! I touched him to see if he was really pulling a fast one on me, and he was completely, totally, 100% asleep.

Oh man, that was a pretty good one. Weird little guy.

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