Monday, June 18, 2007


We are entering new territory over here. Most of you know I am kind of a worrier. So far, motherhood has been pretty smooth sailing - Ive kept the worrying pretty under control. Sure, I have the periodic panic moments about things big and small (like all of us, right? right?) , but for the most part, smooth sailing.

I have heard that growth and development milestones are a big deal for parents, but we've never had to worry about this stuff. He gained weight ontime, rolled ontime, crawled ontime, walked ontime, grew ontime, ate on time, talked ontime, etc etc etc.

In the last few days, Amado started stuttering. I ignored it for a day, then started googling on day two. Its apparently a typical two-year-old thing - their brains are working faster than their tounges can keep up and they stutter. Makes perfect sense. So why am I worrying about this?

Its amazing what your mind will do. The thoughts cycle through...oh my god, what if his friends at school make fun of him?...what if it doesnt stop?...what if he gets frustrated and he stops enjoying learning new words and talking and singing?

This is new territory. Im used to sitting back and marvelling at his talking and now Im worrying about it. So what Im trying to do is be conscious to appreciate whats happening in his brain - this little guy is learning two languages. He's vigilantly observing everyone and everything around him. He's trying out new sounds, new words, and new ideas. He is moving from three word sentences to putting out whole, long, complicated thoughts. (Today, he said "Uh, oh, nina. Mira. Hormigas. Abajo. Mesa. ") He is repeating things he hears and watching what happens (my dad taught him the batman theme song). He is singing songs to me in the morning to wake me up. He is trying to tell me stories, trying to convince me to hand over the scissors, telling me he is rodney yee when he does downward dog.

He's gonna work it out. And if he doesnt work it out soon, he will work it out later. And in the meantime, I gotta keep telling him, as much as I always have "wow, amado, tu hablas muy bein!"

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