Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fashion Advice

The other day, we were getting ready to go out and play. We were both in our pajamas, and Amado wanted to go out RIGHT NOW. So, I was giving him the run-down of what we needed to do in order to get out the door. We had to get him dressed, we had to clean up his breakfast dishes, we had to get me dressed, we had to make me a cup of coffee, and then we could go out. He was a little put off by all the steps but went along with it.

He came into the room with me when it was time to get dressed. I was wearing a tank top and some red pajama bottoms - -you know the kind that are loose, with an elastic waist band, real thin material. No, they are not particularly cute. Yes, I got them off the bargain rack at Ross for $2.99.

Back to that morning. We go into the room to my dresser. I pull out some jeans and threw them on the bed. Amado pointed at them and said, "este, mejor". Then he pointed at my pants and said "este, sucio". This is his standard reason he cites for why you take anything off (many of you know, he has a real accute sensitivity on the sucio meter).

So I said to him, "no, no esta sucio. pero es mi pijamas".

Amado pointed at the jeans again and said "este mejor." Then, he pointed at my pajama pants and said "este muy grande".

Dude, I think he was telling me that I looked sloppy! That my pijama pants were too big and sloppy. I couldnt help it - I started cracking up. Which meant that he kept repeating it, with more animation each time. "Este no, mami. Este muy grande. Este mejor!"

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