Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Si Se Puede! (part 2)

Amado woke up bright and early this morning. Jason and I were taking turns trying to keep him in the bedroom so we could lay in bed for a little longer. Jason read the Si Se Puede book with him and then took him into the bathroom for a morning bath while I laid in bed.

The bath riled him up even more, and he came running out of the bathroom, still naked, his warm, fresh, smooth little body scampering around the room. He threw his little knee up on the side of the bed where I was still laying, climbing up to me.

Simulatenously pulling the covers down and trying to fit his little body in the crook of my arm, he started saying, chanting, really, "Leche, mami. Si Se Puede! Leche! Leche! Si Se Puede!"

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