Monday, April 16, 2007

baby tattoo

Rory and Tyger's baby came into the world last night! A girl! I unfortunately dont have any more info than that, but I do know that everyone is healthy and happy! Hooray!

Amado and I had a funny exchange about it this morning. We lit a candle yesterday when she was in labor and talked to Amado about how we need to keep them in our thoughts and prayers and how this candle represents that. So he was really interested in the candle all day, saying "Rory" "vela", and pointing to it.

This mornning when he saw the candle, he said "Rory. Baby. Panza", patting his own panza, and I was telling him that the baby was born, that the next time he saw Rory the baby would not be in her panza. We told him this several times yesterday, and it didnt seem to be registering (kind of a hard concept) so I thought to make it more palapable, I should tell him that the baby would not be in her panza because it it would be "en sus brazos".

Amado looked down at his arms, said "Rory, bebe, brazos" and pointed to his Dora tatoos (one on each forearm). He figured that the baby "en sus brazos" meant that the baby would be on Rory's forearms in the form of tattoos.

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