Monday, April 9, 2007

Police Activities League

The other night, Jason was making Amado's dinner and we were all in the kitchen. I answered the phone and its some Police Activities League requesting donations, which I declined (shocker). I hung up the phone and said to Amado "A la policia, decimos gracias, pero no gracias!"

At that point, we were all walking into the living room because his dinner was ready. He always eats dinner at his little table in the living room. So, Amado pretty much tries to repeat everything, but sometimes if it is long, he only repeats the end of it. Like "mariposa" is "osa".

So we are walking into the living room, and I say "A la policia, decimos gracias pero no gracias!" Amado pointed to his table (and chair) and said "silla, no gracias!" and plopped down on the floor.

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