Thursday, March 1, 2007


2 cool things today:

1. Amado is starting to put together 3 word sentences. Its really cool to see his little/big mind at work. What's funny about it is that he says his three-word-sentences like they are 3 consecutive one word sentences. Each word is so so carefully chosen like perfectly ripe fruit. Today, we were doing laundry. We make a lot of effort to incorporate him into taking care of the house for a lot of reasons - because he is so enthusiastic about helping, because he doesnt need fancy schools and DVDs to learn when he can learn by doing everyday things (ive been reading some of that "montessori in the home" stuff) and because he's a boy and really need to know how to clean a house. Wow, that was off topic. So anyways, we were doing laundry this morning. One of his jobs is to pour the soap into the machine. If he had it his way, he would pour in the whole 72-load-bottle. So today, after he pours in an appropriate amount that I have pre-measured, he says: "Mas. Jabon. Mami." So cool!

2. Tonight, after I nursed him to sleep, I am tranferring him from the bed to the cuna and he says, "Jabon." Clear as day, like he was completely awake. What?

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