Wednesday, February 28, 2007

no calle

We had an incident a couple weeks ago, I won't tell all the long details but it involved an enthusiastic Amado returning home from hanging out with Rory, a distracted Mama looking at the Valentine card he had made, and the street in front of our house.

In his excitement and with my distraction (yes, not my best parenting moment), Amado ran into the street, around the opposite side of the car. He wanted to say something to Lumina, who was still in her carseat. Rory yelled, I jumped and grabbed him hard (the way you would grab a kid who had just run into the street), he cried because he thought we were mad, the whole thing degenerated pretty quickly. Now mind you, he was never REALLY in danger - there were no cars coming - but you know, it was an emotional experience for him.

And here we are weeks later, and about 5-10 times a day, says "no calle", "no calle", while shaking his finger at the street.

So, a couple days ago, he was hanging out on the front porch and he sees Oso, who is the next door neighbor's dog, wandering outside of our place.

"Oso! Oso! Ven!" Amado calls. (except he says "Men")
Oso continues on.
"Oso, no calle. No calle".
His voice is calm, but clear. He is like, clearly this dog does not know that you are not supposed to be playing this close to the street.
He reached his little arm through the bars on our porch and is shaking his finger at Oso / the calle.
"Oso, ven. No calle. No calle."
So of course, Oso walks right into the middle of the street, crosses it, and heads up 63rd. He is walking away, and Amado is standing there watching him.
"Bye-bye, wow-wow" Amado says, and turns around and comes back in the house.

It was so funny because he basically washed his hands of the situation. He was like, I did what I could, but now this dog (no longer called by his proper name) is on his own.

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