Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pato. Pan. Piso.

This morning, Amado wanted to get out of bed and go play in the living room but Jason and I were trying to squeeze a couple more minutes out of him. So he climbed over to Jason, and said "Papi. Ropa. Nones (pantalones). Vamos. Otay (okay)?". Wow! He did such a good job of communicating what he wanted - Jason to get up, put some clothes on, pants specifically, and go to the sala with him. So so cool.

Later on, we were hanging out with Amado's friend Imani and they were feeding ducks in the park. Amado was trying to lure the birds towards them by explaining to them that he had food for them. He said, "Pato. Pan. Piso." Later on, he was telling my sister/his Nina about it and he said "Patos. Pan. Gracias, Ninos" (because some little girls gave them a peice of bread to feed to the patos).

Watching him become a little person is so incredible. What a blessing.

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