Sunday, February 11, 2007

Kenji dice heiwa

We were reading his peace book again (we are always reading that book) and I turn to the page with Kenji on it.

I say "Kenji vive en-"
"Japon" says Amado.
What? Did he really just say Japon?
"Wow, Amado! Muy bien!"
He is clearly proud of himself, but looks a little amused that I am so surprised.
I keep reading.
"Kenji dice-"
"Heiwa" says Amado.

Man, how cool is that.

On another note, Amado has also recently picked up expressions that I didn't realize I use until well, they started being repeated to me.

We were making pizza the other night and Amado was distributing the goat cheese on the pizza. He would pinch a little off the block, and drop it on the pizza. Pinch a little bt off and eat some himself. Next pinch, pizza. Next pinch, in his mouth. Several minutes later its clear that this is not gonna work so I tell Amado that he has had enough for now, that he will eat more when he gets his slice of pizza after it comes out of the oven. "Oh, man!" he says. It probably doesnt sound that funny in writing, but its pretty halarious.

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