Friday, January 9, 2009

way to be a jerk, mom

When I picked up Amado from school yesterday, I noticed he was wearing different pants than when I had dropped him off. The teacher was talking to other parents so I waited to ask her about it. When I got him in the car, I asked "how come you have different pants on?" even though I already knew the answer.

"Oh." he said. "Yo hice pipi".

Now, I'll be honest, I was frustrated. In my defense, Amado had a couple other accidents this week, because he insited he didn't have to go, because he didn't want to stop playing.

So, I was trying hard to not make him feel bad, but I was frustrated at his lack of attention and effort. I told him, "look man, if this keeps happening, I am going to make you sit on the toilet every 30 minutes regardless of how much you complain". He apologizes. I tell him he doesn't need to apologize, but he does need to pay better attention to his body. He agrees.

So today, when I am dropping him off at school, I look in his cubby because of course there must be some pants in his little bag, in need of washing. As I pull them out, his teacher Ada sees me, and says, "Oh! I forgot to tell you! He had an accident yesterday". I told her, "yeah, I figured, because he had different pants on". Then she said, "yeah, it was cute. what happened was that he was laughing so hard, he was just cracking up, he was laughing so so hard, that he accidentally peed".

Oh man.

My lovely, silly, joyous kid who loves to laugh and make other people laugh had an accident because he was having a good time. Way to be a jerk, mom. Its so easy to get frustrated over dirty laundry or a sloppy clean-up job, that sometimes I forget to appreciate that when you are loving life and having a good time, things can get messy.


bethany said...

Oh! thanks for sharing this story. So sweet!

Moncha said...

1.) You're slacking with the bloggin
2.) Poor Amado... This is clearly grounds to call in Protective Services. I think what is best in this situation is to remove him from the home and send him to me in New York. When shall I expect him?
3.) Jeez Gen, give yourself a break. You're an AMAZING mom and while super-human, still human. I don't think he'll need therapy later on. Probably do it anyway 'cuz he's from Berkeley, but hey at least it won't be your fault!

Moncha said...
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mei-ying said...

this was just the story i needed today! :) thanks! i love you guys.