Thursday, December 4, 2008

Amado has had some good ones this week so I though I would share a couple.

The other morning, he had woken up and we were both trying to squeeze another couple minutes of sleep out of him. He decided to focus his efforts on Jason who he is generally more successful with. He stood at the foot of the bed right by Jason and yelled, "prendete, maquina!".

A couple nights ago, Amado woke up a few minutes right after Jason and I climbed into bed. It was about midnight. He sat straight up in his little bed for about 30 seconds, and then said "Necesito escuchar el corazon de mami." My heart melted a bit, thinking, wow, he woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to get comfort by being close to my heart. How sweet is that?! So Jason said, "Porque?" And Amado replied, "Necesito chequiar su presion". Always the enfermero. So he climbed into bed with us, climbed on top of me, put his head on my chest, and then said, "Okay, mami. Tu estas bien. Te quiero mucho."

Amado's dentist office sent a very cheesy Christmas card with a photo of all the dental staff on it. Amado really likes it, especially because I told him that it came in the mail for him. After carrying it arouond with him for awhile, he looked at it and said "El tiene una sonrisa muy fea". (which he doesn't). And Jason said "Jeez, thats kinda harsh. Thats king of a mean thing to say". Amado said. "Es tu opinion, papi? Yo respeto tu opinion."

Tonight, I had just finished explaining to Jason that Amado did want to sleep with his socks on, when he tossed them into the hamper. I said - "why did you do that?!" And Jason, kidding arounf, said, "es que mami no explpico bien". So I asked Amado, which was the problem, that I hadn't explained well or that Jason hadn't listened well. Amado (correctly) answered that his papi hadn't listened well. To be funny, Jason said "que?". To which Amado (never one to miss an opportunity for a joke) replied in a patronizing voice, "Es muy complicado. No te voy a explicar".

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