Tuesday, October 7, 2008

amado's presidential commentary

So, many of you know that Amado is new to the tv watching world. We held out till he was 3 to let him see any TV/movies/film - I can share if you are interested why, though don't want to bore everyone here.

So, he has seen a couple Pocoyo videos (highly recommended to all you with and without kiddos) and a couple youtube things and that's pretty much it. Last week, he was playing while we watched the vp debates but mostly just played with Jason. Tonight, him and I were home alone, so I put on the presidental debate while we played. He was excited about seeing Obama, because he has been hearing alot and talking alot about him. He loves the "si se puede" obama video on youtube. When he watches it, he puts his little fist in the air and pipes up to participate in the the "si se puede" parts.

I thought I would share a couple choice moments from tonight.

After about 5 minutes in, Amado asked, "cuando van a cantar?" (I think he was thinking of the aforementioned video).

About 5 minutes after that, Amado asked, "cuando van a decir 'si se puede'?

Amado thought that this white guy with a mustache in the audience was funny-looking (not quite sure why). He laughed and tipped himself over as the camera passed by thus guy, and then popped up to point him out to me. The camera had moved on by that point, so Amado craned his neck, trying to peer through the upper corner of the TV, to see if he could see him still.

At one point, McCain said "Senator Obama". Amado said, "Oh, el habla espanol." I was like, um, I dont think so dude. And Amado said, "si, dijo 'cien obamas'. Que bueno! Cien Obamas! Cien Obamas! Queremos Cien Obamas!"

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