Monday, August 25, 2008

jumping the broom

We went to Malachi and Alicia's wedding this weekend and Amado had a blast. There was lots he really enjoyed about it, but his favorite part of the ceremony was when they jumped the broom. I was sitting next to him the whole time, translating into his ear - what was happening, how jumping the broom is a part of the African-American tradition, how it shows that they were jumping into a new life together as a family. He loved it - couldn't take his eyes off it. He loved watching it, loved clapping, loved the idea of it.

Today, I was on a field trip with his class. We went to Habitot, and then ate lunch in the park. After lunch, when the kids were playing in the park, Amado stood up on this cement block thing with two other kids. He yelled, "estamos en una boda!" I was like, okay, he has boda on his mind - that's cute. Then he says, "vamos a brincar la escoba!" as they jumped off the cement block together.

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Anonymous said...

ummm- did you leave out the part where my daughter totally bit it off that wall? was this that moment? and if so, are they married technically?? :) thats good, because I love the family she'd be married into!