Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Wednesday is garbage day. Amado LOVES garbage day. He peers through the porch railing, commenting on each move of the truck. But the best part is talking to the garbage workers.

So today, first sound of the recycling truck, amado drops everything and tears out the door. The truck is still one house down from us, but as soon as Amado appears on the porch, the garbage trabajador who is hanging off the side smiles. A big huge smile. The kind of smile I give to Amado when I have been gone all day and havent seen him.

"Hey!" he yells.

"Hola! Gracias!" Amado yells back.

"We missed you the last two weeks! The route isnt the same without you!" he yells!

We were in Chula Vista visiting my mom and dad. And the garbage guy noticed. And commented. And was happy he was back. That is so awesome. What a cool kid, that even the garbage guy would comment on his absence!

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mei-ying said...

yah, that is pretty great! the way 'neighborhood watch' should really be. :-)