Friday, June 13, 2008


today, my boy is three! my computer battery is about to die, so i'll leave it at that and write more later. please send him all your love, good wishes, and prayers for a happy day and year.


Anonymous said...

helloooo! i just saw you migrated over here and was looking over some of your postings. nice pics of amadito! by the way, how is that book on katrina that you mentioned you are reading?
and, how are you! and, its been a long time! here i go jibber jabbering actin' like i live next door to you and shit. un abrazo fuerte, hope your good-

mei-ying said...

i just can't believe he's THREE!? remember when... moments are coming to my mind non-stop! i love this guy and the negrón-gonzales/gonzales familia! thank you for such a wonderful celebration honoring amado's life and growing years!
yr bud,