Monday, June 23, 2008

si tu puedes!

Today, Amado and I were leaving Berkeley Bowl. We were walking to the car, which was parked on the street, when we saw that there was a garbage truck in the Berkeley Bowl parking lot, picking up the Berkeley Bowl dumpsters. Well, most of you know Amado's love of the garbage truck. So we stayed to watch.

Little did I know that this show was gonna go on and on. They are really turning out a lot of waste over there at the Berkeley Bowl. Dumpster after dumpster was hoisted up, its contents tossed into the truck. Now, this is actually very interesting, I now know, since Amado has shown me the light. But I do have my limit. I mean, jeez, we were standing there for like 10 minutes. So then, I break the news to Amado, look, man, after this dumpster we are going. Okay, he agrees.

Of course, the truck stops mid-lift of this dumpster. Lord. I am trying to be patient, can't believe I didnt give the "last dumpster warning" on the previous dumpster. So in my impatience, I say, "come on, camion! sigue, sigue!"

Amado jumps right in. I guess my urguing must have reminded him of "La Pequena Locomotora Que Si Pudo" because he started cheering on the camion de basura. "Sigue, camion de basura! Si tu Peudes! Si tu pedes!" He picked up a little rythm with that one. "Si! Tu! Puedes! Si! Tu! Puedes!" he is chanting, jumping up and down with his little arm in the air.

And it worked.

The camion roared back up and lifted the load into the truck. Its amazing what a little cheering and support can do. Amado turned to me, completely satisfied and said, "wow, yo ayude este camion." Not surprised, just proud.


mei-ying said...

i LOVE it! you know after my mini play-date with you two friday i went off to meet malaika and the girl to head off to the park. and i was noticing the ba-jillion stories all over the place, needing blogs for the telling! you have shown me the light, gng!


Anonymous said...

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