Tuesday, May 27, 2008

showered with compliments

The other day, we were driving home from somewhere really close by. Amado asked for a certain song on a CD that was under the seat. Jason told him, "look, we're one minute away from home, im not gonna look that cd". Amado protested, and partially to mess with him, Jason said, "Il sing it for you instead!"

As he started to sing, Amado told him, "I dont want you to sing it, I want them to sing it". And I cant quite remember how or why, but it was clear that he got the sense that maybe he had gone too far and hurt his papi's feelings.

So, to make it right, he said, "Papi, tu eres bonito, y muy importante. Tu eres como un avion. Y tambien, muy saludable".

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