Saturday, May 17, 2008

the most important meal of the day

Another supermom moment for the record. This one goes along with when I locked Amado in the house by himself and smashed through the window with a hammer.

So this morning, Jason got up early with Amado while I slept in a bit. Awesome. But that extra shut eye time apparently didnt make me any sharper. So I get up at 8, feeling all great and refreshed, and me and Amado start our day (Jason is at class). We do dishes, put away his books, toss in a load of laundry, sit around and sing some Jose Luis Orozco songs, talk to my mom and dad on the phone. We're doing big things.

At one point, Amado sees this bag of nuts that Mayssun brought over yesterday and he says "oh, queiro almendras!" So I pull the bag down for him and he goes to town. I didnt think much of it because he does love nuts, but at a certain point, Im like - hey man, slow it down there. choose three more and then we're gonna put the bag away". In my defense, he didn't tell me he was still hungry, he just agreed.

So awhile later, its like 10:45 at this point, we are playing outside and I get hungry for breakfast. So I tell Amado, hey come up with me so I can make my breakfast and I'll bring it down to eat outside so you can keep playing. And to sweeten the deal, since I knew he wasnt gonna want to come back in, I said "yo puedo compartir mi comida contigo". I figured this was fine since 11 is usually about when he has a snack.

Amado says, "Mami, quisas yo puedo tener mi propio plato". I turned to him and then all of a sudden it occurred to me. "Amado, comiste esa manana?"

"No" he shakes his head.

Oh crap. I totally assumed Jason had given him breakfast this morning. Forget the fact that there were no breakfast dishes, that his table was filled with books he played with yesterday, and the tiny bit of milk that was there last night, saved specifically for his breakfast this morning is, um, yeah, still in the fridge. I had actually seen all these things but hadn't put them together.

Oh man. I felt so bad. I was apologizing to him, and laughing. "Im so sorry mijo!"

He knew I screwed up, which is halariously funny to him. He kept laughing and rubbing it in, "no comi mami! no comi!". I have a feeling Ill be hearing about this one for awhile.

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