Wednesday, April 9, 2008

todos somos lideres

Amado really has an affinity with Cesar Chavez. I think I shared with many of you a few months back that I was at his school for my parent shift and his teacher was reading a book to them about Cesar Chavez because the weeks theme was on leaders.

She pulled out the book and Amado rose to his feet and YELLED "Cesar Chavez dice si se puede en palestina!" (he combined two chants).

The other day, Jason and Amado were looking for a recipe on food and Amado was looking over Jason's shoulder. The recipe Jason clicked on was from Emeril. And Amado yelled "oh! es Cesar Chavez!". Cant say I see the resemblance but I like the effort.

Last thing, not on Cesar Chavez, but on Si se puede. I showed Amado the Obama "Yes We Can" video the other day. He likes Obama and even knows a catchy little Obama jingle. Anyways, once I told him that "Yes We Can" means "Si Se Puede", Obama's popularity skyrocketed with this little guy. So we are talking about Obama, and I start explaining how Obama is an organizer, and he's Black, and he is running for president. Amado is captivated. So I say to him "Obama es un lider". And Amado replies to me "todos somos lideres, mami".

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