Friday, April 18, 2008

not so 'effing cute'

Today, my mom and dad took Amado to this kid science center thing in Balboa Park. I sat in the sun and did work for 3 hours while they ran around together, learning about gravity and nuetrons and other things I am not particularly up on myself. Anyways, at one point, this little girl was wheeled by in her stroller pushed by her two parents (i assume). She was a little younger than Amado, probably 2 and a half. And these people (i assume) had put her in this awful shirt. It was pink with ruffled sleeves and said "i'm so effing cute". Im not sparing you the profanity - thats actually what the shirt said.

effing cute.

Now, I'm not shocked by profanity. Its not like I am profanity averse. A good profane word comes in handy here and there. And lord knows, I utter profanities to myself on a daily basis as I manuevre my brown skin all over the UC Berkeley campus. But anyways, this shirt!

I mean, one - praising a little girl for being cute by putting it on her t-shirt makes me feel yucky. Its like, society does not need another reason to look at her and just see thats she's cute and nothing else - not that she shares well or kicks strong or sings with all her heart. Nah, my kid, she's cute. Effing cute, as a matter of fact.

Second, "effing" cute? come on. Its not clever, its not witty, its not funny, its just kind of inappropriate. If she repeated that, would it be cool? "Hey dad, this egg you scrambled for me is effing nasty". That would not be funny at my house.

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