Monday, May 7, 2007

make believe

This morning, I was trying to get Amado dressed and I was kind of in a hurry. Sensing this, he decided to make it harder for me and go limp. I was trying to get him to stand up, and he was letting his body go all limp.

I said, "Tu eres un fideo?".

And he said, "Poopoo-sano". (Which, you might remember from earlier, means "gusano". "Gusano" has now become synonomous with "PooPoo" because of the composting adventures with his Nina and Tia Mariana).

He was pretending to be a worm, and he was able to communicate it! Later on, we were telling Mariana about it, while he was eating dinner, and he decided to be a poopoo-sano right there at his table, giggling the whole time, melting into his seat all noodle-like. Or poopoo-sano like, I guess.

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