Monday, May 14, 2007

este baby no sirve

For a reason we can't quite figure out, Amado does not like to look at baby pictures of himself. Its kind of strange because as those of you who have been over you know that in the living room, we have monthly pictures of his first year.

But, the other day we were looking at some pictures I had recently put into an album from his baptism (January) and the May 1st march and he LOVED looking at them. We spent like a half hour looking - he wanted to talk about each one, wanted to point out who was in each, etc. He was liking it so much I figured that he might want to see some more pictures. The only other pictures I have in an album are from his first few months of life (back when I was a new mama and developed pictures right away.)

So I pulled it out and he was like, um this is not so cool - thats what the look on his face was saying. There were pictures of him brand new in the hospital, when he was in the NICU. He turned the page. I asked if he knew who the baby is. He didn't answer. I told him it was him and he looked at me skeptically. There were pictures of him home, all teeny tiny. He said, "no" and turned the page. We got to a picture of him nursing, about a week old, and he shook his head. A few more pages and he started complaining, saying, "este, este no. este mejor" pointing to the other album. We went back to the other album, with the recent pictures, and he was happy again.

I dont know if he was disturbed to see this intruder baby in all these pictures with people he loves or what. But he was not having it.

Yesterday, he pulled my mom over to the computer to look at some videos of them they have uploaded - playing in the pool, that kind of thing. He loves to do this. My mom clicked on the wrong icon and a picture of Amado at about 6 months popped up. "Este baby no sirve" he told my mom, shaking his head.

What?! Este baby no sirve! Wow. Basically, he does not have the capacity to say anything more extreme. Este baby no sirve. Wow.

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