Monday, February 16, 2009

pulpo mama

The other day, I was trying to get Amado ready for school, get myself ready for work, and do about 14 other things. I was getting his socks on him, and he fired out 3 requests/mandatos in a row - I don't even remember what they were. "hand me that, do this, do that...."

I was losing patience, and I told him the same thing I have told him many times - "Amado, soy una persona. Yo tengo dos manos. Solo puedo hacer una cosa a la vez. "

"Perdon, mami" he said, truly apologetic.

We were silent for a couple seconds, as I struggled with his socks, and then he said - slowly, thoughfully - "pero los pulpos si. los pulpos si pueden hacer muchas cosas, porque tienen muchas manos! pero esta bien, mami. tu no eres un pulpo. esta bien".

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