Monday, August 20, 2007


Oh man, Amado is so into jokes these days. He is into jokes, the idea of jokes, making jokes, and calling something a joke.
He gets confused between the words "chiste" and "chistoso" because they are now used so often in our house.
Here are some of his latest antics, all from yesterday:
Yesterday, we were in the car, driving from Santa Barbara to LAX. My mom and Amado were in the backseat, my dad and I in the front. I had already told him 5 times it was time to nap, I had already sung "Elene la Ballena" twice, I was through. We were all sitting in silence, hoping that he would get bored and fall asleep. He took off his shoe and threw it into the front seat, between me and my dad.
Oh. No. I dont think so, kid.
I turned around, and with a firm voice, said, "Amado."
Before I could go any further, he said, "Fue un chistoso mami!"

After that, we were on the plane. He was standing in his seat, playing with my hair. With his hand, he brushed some hair in front of my face.
"Parece a Peace, Mami." he said. (Peace, for those of you who dont know, is Steve.)
"A Peace? I asked him.
"Si," he nodded seriously, and then bust out laughing.
"Come on, mami! Es un chiste!" (For those of you who dont get the chiste, because you dont know Steve, check out his picture in my "friends" list. He certainley does not have a bunch of hair hanging in front of his face".)

When we got home from the airport, we were hanging out with Mariana, my sister, and Jason, and he was recounting his trip to them, with my prompts.
"Jugaste in la pisina?"
"Dormiste en un hotel?"
"Tomaste un liquado?"
"De que sabor?"
He remembered the pina, but couldnt remember what else was in his liquado. I was trying to help him remember and said "Ma- Ma- Ma-"
"Mariquita!" he yelled, proclaiming successful recollection.
"Mariquita?!" I said (thats a ladybug). (His liquado had mango.)
And then he busted up laughing, and said, "Come on!"
My sister said "es un chiste?"
"SI!!!!!!!" says Amado.

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