Tuesday, January 23, 2007

animal sounds

Amado has been doing animal sounds for a few months now.
You say "como habla la vaca?" and he says "moooo".
"Como habla el gallo?" "kikirikiri!"
"Como habla el gato?" "eoooww!" (yeah, he leaves off the "m", we are not sure why)

So, you all know that "cafe" (and then the mysterious "whafe") was one of the earlier words in Amado's repertoire, no doubt based on the massive amount that we drink. Well, we recently bought a used espresso maker off of Berkeley Parents Network (yes!!!) and our consumption has now tripled. And he has a new animal sound.
"Como habla el whafe?" says his papi.
And yes, my toddler son says "schweeoohschweeschwee", imitating the sound of the espresso maker.

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