Friday, December 29, 2006

favorite things about my kid...a running list...

1. He always notices when someone (usually me) is drinking coffee and even though he can say "cafe", he choses to call it "whafe".

2. When you tell him "te quiero mucho" he responds by saying "chuto!"

3. He likes to say "gracias".

4. He gives me kisses when I ask. And sometimes when I don't.

5. He smells like love.

6. He loves babies.

7. He is always so warm and soft when he is laying in bed between us.

8. He is so silly.

9. He has such a great panza.

10. His first word was "hola!" (with the exclamation point)

11. Once, I was crying, and he came over to cuddle me.

12. He can go from knocked out cold in a dead sleep to out of bed and running in less that 10 seconds. Seriously.

13. He has these deep belly laughs that make you feel like nothing is wrong in the world.

14. He likes it alot when I smell his feet and then yell "foochie!"

15. He dances a lot.

16. He talks constantly.

17. He sometimes fakes injuries in order to get a kiss.

18. He has a baby doll, who he cuddles, and pats gently on the back.

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